Return Policy

KONE Spare Parts Return Policy

This Returning process description contains information on the return fees and further instructions related to the return process. Note the requirements regarding electronic components under Clause 10 of the Terms & Conditions of Sale and Purchase.

Our Customer Service Center needs to be contacted prior to any material return and all instructions provided by our Customer Service Center need to be closely followed when returning any materials. A standard restocking fee of thirty-five (35%) percent calculated from the price of the material (excluding VAT) and all applicable shipping fees, will be charged on all returns other than returns covered by the Warranty or returns resulting directly from an error by the Seller. In connection with returns covered by the Warranty or resulting directly from an error by the Seller, the Customer shall nevertheless bear the shipping costs from Customer to Seller.

Any materials that are specially procured for the customer are non-returnable. These materials are confirmed by the Seller as ‘non-stock’ items. Also, PCB’S are non-returnable.

A ticket number may be obtained by contacting the KONE Parts Customer Service by filling in the Returning request form in our web tool and choosing “Send Return Request”. Customer Service will then process the request and send you an e-mail to confirm. If the customer fails to mark the packages clearly with the given instructions, the Seller is not obliged to accept the return of the material and under no obligation to return any part of the purchase price or provide any other compensation.

The following information needs to be provided to our Customer Service when filling in the Returning request:

-  Original purchase order number
-  Part number
-  Reason for return
-  Description


Please ship return materials to:

IMPERIAL Industrial Logistics GmbH
Friedrich-Bergius-Str. 2-6
45699 Herten/Germany
Attn. Stefanie Ullmann
Phone: +49(0) 2366 / 5012-229


If you have any questions regarding the Returning process in general or a specific returning request please contact Global Spares at KONE.